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What is the main resource I use in my lessons?

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Coursebooks By @SueAnnan

What is the main resource that I use in my lessons?”An interesting thought that struck me this morning was,

Is it the student book, extra material, authentic sources or is it the students and my own experiences?

As such I’m going to for the next month record how much I use different sources in my lessons this week [and then over the rest of the month] and post them on the blog.

My own suspicion is that the students book is the biggest resource I use and that authentic, ungraded texts are the least used. However I’m intrigued as to 

“How much I use the students themselves as a resource for the lesson?”

Do I unplug my lessons more for some groups than others. Are there any ways I can increase this?

In an attempt to look at this more seriously I have started running a review of what my main resources are in my lessons using my reflective system based around Evernote. I’ll let you know what I find in a month.

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