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Weekly round up in ELT 08/03/2013

Hello March,

Nice to see you again! This means Spring is here and here in Badajoz and it has been so far been marked by…RAIN. In fact it has rained every day since March started, it’s just like being back in Old Blighty.

In the ELT World more and more people are gearing up for the looming IATEFL next month in Liverpool and other people are starting their DELTAs, CELTAs or celebrating the end of term (if you are based over in Japan at least).

Why don’t you leave a comment bellow about what you are up to this month?

ELTChats this week

There were two ELTChats this week

  • Guessing words from context- Is it good?
  • Using Corpora

Best blog posts this week

Sirja shared a great post about the pains of changing coursebook. Of course, it brought up a lot of the standard discussion about adapting coursebooks.

Mura Nava showed us how to create our own corpora (very useful for this weeks ELTChat). He has promised to show us how to use this to full effect.

Kevin Stein shared one of his great lesson plans for the passt that he revisited with his current students. It is a multi-level lesson plan called “But is it Art?”

Hugh Dellar has a great post on (Raymond) Murphy’s law, a slightly more grammar/lexical specific law what is able to occur in Language classrooms 😉

Alex Grevett shared his feedback form from his Winter Pronunciation camp with some interesting insights from his students.

On this week

I’ve had a busy week and only published one post. That’s not because I didn’t have more posts I could publish but I didn’t want to post an “okay” post that I could make “good” by next week, so you should probably expect a few extra next week!

Speaking of next week, Next week sees the return of #OldELTPost feel free to nominate someone in the comments and get ready for next week.

This weeks post was inspired by Keith Chen’s TED talk about English making people poorer. The post was called “Is English a “futured” language” and there have been some great links shared in the comments. Check it out!

Working in ELT infographic (Via Valentina Morgana)

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