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Weekly round up 30/11/2012

I can't believe the news today...
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Creative Commons License Thomas Leuthard via Compfight

Earlier this week Mike Griffin commented on twitter that he felt sorry for me doing my weekly round up as there have been so many amazing blog posts this week!

It’s true, there have been loads of great blog posts this week including quite a few activities that can be used in classes but I have enjoyed reading through them as I prepared for my summary. I am sorry if I missed you off and if you feel hard done to by that. Perhaps it was because I haven’t been using social media as much this week, or maybe there is another reason. Anyway leave your blog post in the comments section and it will be added.

ELTChat topics this week

This weeks topics were

  • How do you balance your professional and personal life (the general answer was badly!) [summary here]
  • Bringing the surprise element into the classroom. (summary here)

Best reflections

Ava Fruin shared here pains and stress surrounding her MA and how focusing on doing rather than thinking liberated her.

It seems that everyone in my PLN is getting into Zen philosophy at the moment (I blame Kung Fu Panda). As such I have to recommend the blog

Naomi Epstein snuck a blog post in at the last minute with some ELT emergencies! (I need 20 ml of Lexis STAT!)

Best methodology

Leo Selivan had a great summary of Chia Suan Chong’s brilliant TESOL France plenary talk, “the principles of principled eclecticism” or “A brief history of ELT”

Ffiona Mauchline shared a great posts, with some amusing language learning moments, about how important emotions can be for remembering words. “A matter of confidence: the quest continues

Evidence Based ELT continued his quest to banish pseudo-science from ELT by looking at how Gobbledegook and Jargon can be used to pursued people to believe rubbish.  

Sharron Turner shared a great post about misbehaving teens and creating good boundaries for learning (anyone who has taught teens will know how valuable this advice is)

Keep it real emma (I’m afraid I don’t know her actual name) shared a great post about getting students to reflect on their learning.

Alex Walsh talked about the unimportance (the portance?) of understanding. Sometimes students can feel so stressed and upset when they don’t understand but actually that is when they can learn.

Rachel Roberts continued to look at Mindfulness this week and this time thought about it’s implications for students. (no bells were used in the making of this blog post)

This blog post was written by Kevin Stein. It was written as a criticism of unrealistic passive voice sentences in textbooks. It will definitely be laughed at when viewed.

Best activities

50 activities or tasks using JUST a piece of paper

The excellent Mura Nava shared a great activity focusing on both Horizontal and vertical lexis using a Dr Stangelove video clip! It sounds like great fun!

Alex Grevitt shared the second part of his ambitions lesson plan. (the first part is here.) very communicative and has a nice side effect that students might have a stronger idea of what they want to do and HOW to do it.

John Fordresher and Aleksandra Guzik shared another activity from the ESL Learners Output Library and how they are connecting their students in Korea and Russia together.

New Blog of the week

Carolyn Kerr, who wrote the ELTChat summary I linked to last week, has set up her own blog and so is the new blog of the week. Check it out, leave a comment, play nice, etc

The week in

This week I (for the moment) finished my series on Minimalism by looking at continuous professional development.

I also shared a question and reflection about Eureka Language moments. Something which people could identify with on twitter…I’m still not sure of the teaching implications (if there are any) and would love your thoughts/comments

Over on I shared some survival tips for people doing the CELTA or similar course (I thought it was particular relevant to the ELTchat on balancing your personal and professional life.)


This is a bit of an old video but it’s still pretty interesting. It’s about motivations.

bonus cat pic

Grumpy Cat has the Holiday Spirit
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