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ELT Weekly round up 12/04/2013

IATEFL 2013 conference liverpool poster

There is only really one story this week IATEFL and it seems like all but a select few of my online PLN have jetted around the world to the delights of Liverpool. I’m sure over the next few weeks they’ll be even more posts with round ups of the best bits, reflections and examples of applying the ideas that people gained from IATEFL.


There hasn’t been an ELTchat in a couple weeks because of Easter and IATEFL but it will return next week!

Best Blog posts of the week

Jo Cummins shared “TEFLing…without teaching” and they ways she was staying involved in TEFL whilst not being in the classroom.

Alex Grevitt continued his great series on ELFs…I mean English as Lingua Franca (not pixies or Tolkein characters) with wondering “Could I, Should I teach ELF?” I have to confess that I have missed a few in this series so I will have to re-read the series.

Neil McMahon confessed that he had never been to IATEFL (I’m pretty sure this is some kind of blasphemy in ELT world, right?) but shared how he was going to follow this years one.

Of course the TEFL world isn’t just about IATEFL. I know a good group of teacher’s based out in Korea add in my the fact that my hometown has one of the largest ex-pat communities of Korean population in the world and North Korea has been very noisy recently and some people have been worried. Luckily Michael Griffin has put out a great post to calm nerves and also show how he has turned this into classroom activities. My favourite part is the audio recordings of students thoughts on the situation a real communicative purpose for the task.

The last one is a bit different as it isn’t A blog post but a group of blog posts under one tag. Chia Chong has been at the IATEFL conference and recorded notes on a selection of the talks. [If you are looking at this post from the future then there may be more posts under this catagory so it might be best to search her blog for IATEFL 2013]

On ELTSquared this week

This week I published three posts including part 4 of my DELTA diary, A story of a couple of failures with Modal verbs and Rachael Robert’s #oldeltpost. 

Video of the week

After I saw this shared on Facebook from the IATEFL conference I thought I had to share it. See if you can recognise someone in the video

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