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Weekly round up 01/02/2012

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Would you look at that! We are already one twelfth of the way through the year and things are starting to calm down after the start of a new year. It’s easy for teachers to step off the pedal a bit here, especially if you have a holiday like Carnival coming as we do in Badajoz, but it’s also a chance to take stock of how things have gone so far, what’s working, what isn’t and how you can change things.

#ELTChats this week

This weeks #ELTChats were

  • Can the skill of giving peer feedback be taught to learners and how?
  • Achieve a balance between competition and collaboration

Best Methodology

Andre Klein revealed the 5 false prophets of Language learning. Strangely I can see how a lot of methodologies can fall under some of these sections.

Best Activity

Rachel Roberts makes this list twice this week for Some quick and easy creative writing prompts AND her worksheet on Living without money.

Sandy Millin Let us peek into her classroom and look at some extensive reading lessons she did with her students on Harry Potter. Her post was simple…magical (sorry I couldn’t resist)

Best Reflections

Evidence Based EFL started the week with a brilliant post. How to create your own methodology 

Alex Grevitt continued (and possibly finished) his look back on his pronunciation Winter camp, including a look at shadowing (and some problems he encountered)

Anne Hendler Showed us how even high level students can stumble over “simple” sentences in her post “Like an icebreaking” (And she gave us some practical actions ideas)

This Week on ELTSquared

I posted two blog posts this week on ELTSquared including my most viewed post ever (and I don’t even think it was that good)

Coming this week…the first #oldeltpost for the year! Can you guess who it will be?

New Ebook

Scott Thornbury’s ebook “Big Questions in ELT

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” is out now on from amazon,com and

Picture of the week

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