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Weekly ELT round up 26/04/2013

I didn’t realise but my last weekly elt round up was actually my 200th post on this blog! I knew it was coming up but it sneakily snuck past me whilst I was distracted by my Delta. It’s always nice to reach milestones and I was actually thinking of doing some sort of competition or give away for this milestone but I haven’t had a brilliant idea yet (only okay ones) If you have a great idea of how to mark reaching my 200th post then leave it in the comments bellow.


This week there was another double chat on ELTChat looking at the flipped classroom and based off the IATEFL talk by Paul Braddock. You can check out the transcript here.

[Update, there were actually TWO chats this week, thanks Mike Griffin for point that out, and the second was “confessions of a recovering recaster.” based off Cecila Lemos’s talk from IATEFL]

Best blog post

James Taylor raised a question and a challenge. “Professional Development, Not an option.” I suspect anyone reading James post is going to be biased in favour but I think the real question is how to create a culture of PD…Answers on the back of postcards (or on James’s blog comments)

A slightly related follow on post, Josette LeBlanc posted a great summary of Susan Bruduhn’s IATEFL talk on “What motivates ExPat teachers” (here’s a clue, there is a mention of Professional Development)

Nick Peachy shared a useful little tool for all us Delta students (and English teachers in general) a program that converts texts into Phonemic script. I am not certain of it’s reliability (especially when it comes to connected speech) but it could be useful to checking/testing phonemic skills and perhaps is a nice way to introduce phonemics, read first rather than just asking teachers to produce phonemics straight away)

Michael Griffin had a selection of brilliant posts as part of Tyson Seburn’s 5 blog posts in 5 days challenge but his post on Pictures in Coursebooks make me literally laugh out loud.

Kevin Stein shared an very interesting post about “tech for techs sake” which goes against some of the assumptions I’ve held for a while that tech isn’t inherently motivating. I still feel there is a degree of truth that the classic characteristics that are motivating in a non tech environment make technological activities even more motivating but it was an interesting read for sure.

On ELTSquared this week

This week I posted about the way I’m using Evernote to help study and revise for my Delta. I only published one post this week as I’m working on a BIG post for next week really looking at one topic (more to come soon). Also next week see’s the start of May so Suggestions for the next blog and blogger for #oldeltpost would be appriciated.

Picture of the week

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  1. Such a pain I know but I thought there were 2 Eltchats (the other on correction). I could be wrong though.

    1. You’re right, two chats but the same topic…right?

  2. Also, nice collection and thanks for including me. It really makes me happy that people in Spain were laughing at what I wrote.

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