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weekly ELT round up 01/03/2013

We’re already through the second month of the year 2013 and there have been a lot of blog posts in that time. It can be hard to keep up with all of them, especially when you are busy at work, so I’d like to thank everyone who shares posts with me and takes the time to write them. I know how hard it can be to write good blog posts when you have a lot of work on.

Keep up the good jobs.

Okay back to the weekly ELT round up.

ELTChats this week

The two topics that people discussed this week on ELTChat were

  • Ideas on using Interactive whiteboard
  • The difference between ESL and EFL classrooms

Best blog posts of the week

Yet again Evidence Based EFL takes on another sacred cow of guessing meaning from context.

ELT Bakery shared 5 principles from the “best” school in the Brazilian Education system and explains why he thinks they are valid for ELT as well.

An interesting idea from the OUP by applying “5 a day” to language learning…I’m not sure I’d choose the same five but it could be a good simple idea to help encourage language learning as the idea has for encouraging eating fruit and vegetable eating in Britain.

Sandy Millin asked an interesting question over on her blog. She set a writing task for her students with several options, two weren’t to real people, one was to a real person they had met…guess what happened… or click her to find out more. 

Mike Griffin asked a few very thought provoking questions about reflective practice a year on after an older post on reflective practice. The comment section really caught my attention with some of the additions to the post that Mura Nava made.

On ELT Squared this week

The week I started my blog series on my DELTA which will probably be the topic for 90%+ of my blog posts until I finish.

DELTA and Blogging (where I introduce the fact that I’m going to blog my DELTA)

Tools for my DELTA (where I mention some useful tools I’m going to use for my DELTA)

I also have a page where you can see all the posts that I publish connected with my DELTA.

Other round ups

I’ve noticed that a few other people have started monthly round ups this month (I’m sorry if they were going before but this is the first time I’ve heard about them. They should offer you some variety to mine and I’m sure they saw some great posts that I didn’t. Check them out.

Video discussion prompt

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