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Tools for minimalist continuous professional development

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Google search minimalist posters, they’re great

“Time to go to bed…oh look [interesting person X] has just put out an interesting blog post on [topic that you are really interested in]…well that’s me up half the night.”

Have you had this conversation with yourself (or your partner!) If so then maybe you need to try out minimalist continuous professional develop to stop being overloaded by the social media world.

Of course it’s easy saying that you will reduce your internet consumption but when it’s just within reach how can you resit it!

Well here are a few tools to help you cut down on some of your vices (not alcohol or drugs though you should probably cut down on those too especially if that’s what you thought of when I said vices. these are just for the computer)

For Chrome

Chrome Nanny is a great tool that allows you to block url for certain times as well as set requirements over what point of the day is blocked. This means you can keep it open for procrastination/relaxing time (or keep twitter online for your ELTChats) The best thing about chrome nanny is that you can set up individual blocking times for different sites on different days. Download here.

Stay focused is an alternative. It has a slightly nicer designed interface but lacks some features of Chrome nanny. You can only set a general filter (say 10 minutes per site per day) or block/whitelist sites completely. It prevents being able to set your email to 30 minutes and facebook to 10 or something similar. However, it also includes the Nuclear option where you can block all sites till you get your work done. Download here.

For Windows

Rescue time is an interesting program that monitors the time you use so you can see how much time you do spend and then adjust accordingly. The free version watches your last two months and doesn’t block sites. There are pro versions that a boss can use on their employees computers[oh no!] and have more features. It may work for Macs too.

What productivity tools do you use?

(note: As I don’t own a Mac or see any use for Safari as a web browser I don’t know how good these apps are or even any apps for Safari. I also don’t use firefox or Internet explore [if you use IE then stop, yes Neil I am talking to you] If you do then please leave a comment so I can add it)

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I'm an English Language teacher based in Krakow, Poland. I enjoy writing, using technology and playing the Ukulele.

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  1. Gemma Lunn

    These are great tools, thanks for sharing. I’ve never heard of these but could definitely benefit from using them! Gemma.

    1. Glad you think they’re useful (they’ve certainly helped me) I thought it was a good follow up to the original post.

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