The ABC of ELT

5 things that aren’t on a YL teachers job description (but should be)

There have been several moments during my career where somethings happened and I’ve thought “This wasn’t on the job description”. Mostly, these have happened with Young (and very young) learners, but there were some exceptions. Anyway, I thought I’d share 5 things that aren’t on a Young Learners teacher’s Job description (but should be). 1. […]

A Few Simple Ideas for Young Learner Classes

Krakow Podgorze 2016

I’ve been teaching a lot of “pre-teens” [10-13] kids recently and I’ve found a few little ways to adapt activities and generate interest in topics a bit more. I thought I’d share a few of my go to idea at the moment. 1. Surveys and forms to fill in It’s amazing how a series of […]

When Students Enter with Baggage

As the students shuffled into class today I could tell something was up. Ivan (I’m using Russian names to hide the identity of the students), normally full of life and energy and my ally against boredom in the classroom, didn’t look the same. Gone was the energy and desire to answer every question and in […]

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