The ABC of ELT

The Ideal Timetable (Does It Exists?)

I’m fairly convinced that the ideal timetable doesn’t exist. One of the aspects I initially loved about English Language Teaching in Private schools was the fact that I could wake up later and stay up late. That soon changed when I picked up an early morning Business class and found that I then had to […]

How to Cope When There Is a Teacher You Just Don’t Get on With

I’ve taught in three different year round schools and several years at summer schools with probably over 100 different colleagues during that time. The vast, vast majority of these people have been really great coworkers. Some were better teachers, some were extraordinarily generous, some were very wise and others were just good fun. However, I […]

5 things that aren’t on a YL teachers job description (but should be)

There have been several moments during my career where somethings happened and I’ve thought “This wasn’t on the job description”. Mostly, these have happened with Young (and very young) learners, but there were some exceptions. Anyway, I thought I’d share 5 things that aren’t on a Young Learners teacher’s Job description (but should be). 1. […]

Deep Work For Teachers (And Some Teaching Ideas)

Recently I read Deep Work by Cal Newport [UK link], I was instantly attached to the ideas presented and wondered about how it could be applied to Teaching English as a foreign language. So here are some ideas on how to apply Deep Work to teaching English as a foreign language. What is Deep Work? Deep […]

5 Lessons from 5 Years of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

classroom in black and white

So at some point last year I passed the 5 year mark of teaching English as a foreign language. I didn’t blog about it at the time because I wasn’t really blogging at the time. However, now seemed like the perfect tine to look back and reflect on the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in the […]

When Students Enter with Baggage

As the students shuffled into class today I could tell something was up. Ivan (I’m using Russian names to hide the identity of the students), normally full of life and energy and my ally against boredom in the classroom, didn’t look the same. Gone was the energy and desire to answer every question and in […]

How any new teacher can start a great blog now

Notebook and mac for blogging

If you caught my recent post about 6 tips for new teachers who want to blog then you may be wondering how to actually start a blog (and not just any blog but the best blog you can!) and so I thought I’d give you some help and links to set up a great blog […]

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