The ABC of ELT

How does the Pareto Principle Apply to ELT?

Have you heard of the 80/20 principle (also know as the Pareto Principle)? Here is a really simplified version of it. An Italian economist by the name of Vilfredo Pareto discovered that in a wide variety of areas, 80% of the results would come from 20% of the producers. In his example, 80% of Italy […]

New School Year, New Development Points

Well, a new school year is just around the corner for me (though you may well have already started your new year if you are one of those management types or work in the southern half of the world). After the summer of more work, some time off, my wedding [yup that happened, and it […]

Lexical Leo’s #OldELTPost

Leo Selivan is an English Language teacher out in Israel who sometimes goes by the superhero alias of “Lexical Leo” as you might expect Leo is a bit of a Lexical approach fan and frequently writes (and talks) about both the theory and practice of the Lexical approach. His blog ( is where you can […]

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