The ABC of ELT

5 Lessons from 5 Years of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

classroom in black and white

So at some point last year I passed the 5 year mark of teaching English as a foreign language. I didn’t blog about it at the time because I wasn’t really blogging at the time. However, now seemed like the perfect tine to look back and reflect on the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in the […]

Why You Should Try Bulk Planning Lessons

bulk lesson planning home desk

While I was out in Spain, I started doing planning my lessons in a new way which lead to me planning (in my opinion) better lessons, faster and which fit a syllabus better. That was by bulk lesson planning. Bulk lesson planning is where you don’t just plan one lesson in isolation, instead you plan […]

Are you spending too long lesson planning?

Imagine that you are in the teachers’ room, you don’t have any lessons till the next day but you’ve come in to get some of your planning done. Along comes your director of studies and asks you to cover a general English lesson starting in five minutes. Could you do it? I’m willing to bet […]

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