The ABC of ELT

Keep Your Goals To Yourself [Lesson Plan]

As it is the start of the year, I wanted to create a lesson that took a look at the common theme of New Year’s resolutions but with a bit of a twist to provoke more discussion. As such I choose the short Derek Sivers’s (founder of CD baby) TED talk “Keep your goals to […]

How Teaching “is” shouldn’t interfere with how teaching “should” be

Unsplash photo back to school books and study

When I was at university I took a module in Envionrmental politics. During one class, we got into discussing animal rights and one of the points made (and rebuffed) was that seeing as human rights aren’t enforced, what’s the point trying to enforce animal rights. At that point my professor dropped the line “What “is” […]

The real reason I don’t like putting lesson objectives up on the board

blackboard goals

For a long time I’ve not liked the idea of putting lesson objectives on the board at the start of the lesson. I’ve come up with and come across a variety of reasons to back up this position and I do believe many of them…to a degree but in all honestly there is one true […]

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