The ABC of ELT

ELT Conference Survival Kit

Picture of a boat on the beach in Scotland

With IATEFL Poland coming up (er today), I thought I’d go into what I’m taking with me to this ELT conference, my ELT conference survival pack if you will. Some of these aren’t really necessary but make the experience much nicer in my opinion. a bottle of water Four years ago I heard a podcast […]

If I started blogging about ELT today…

I’ve been at IATEFL Poland (In Szczecin) this weekend and it’s got me reflecting on my history in teaching and also writing/blogging about teaching. I’ve run this site (or something similar) for the last five year I think now. In that time a lot of things have changed (when I started, smartphones were still a […]

5 Lessons from 5 Years of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

classroom in black and white

So at some point last year I passed the 5 year mark of teaching English as a foreign language. I didn’t blog about it at the time because I wasn’t really blogging at the time. However, now seemed like the perfect tine to look back and reflect on the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in the […]

Assessment For Learning in ELT

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I’m sure most learners are familiar with “Assessment of learning” the idea that at some point in our learning journey (typically the summer and at certain key ages, but as we get older with greater variability) we are measured and assessed to a standard of what we have learnt. I’d love to meet someone who […]

How (not) To Market Your English School

I’ve recently moved to Krakow and so I’m aquatinting myself with all the competition in this new town. It’s something I seem to do every year, but I certainly pay more attention when I move to a new city or country. Many of the factors I’ve spotted, which schools like to sell themselves on, will […]

Is Crowdfunding The Future For Education?

Earlier this year I heard that one of the bloggers who I follow was making an iPhone app. He wanted to create a simple filtered image sharing tool which wouldn’t have any of the legal rights and ownership issues that Instagram and Facebook have and yet was as easy and fun to use. He started […]

Weekly ELT round up 26/04/2013

I didn’t realise but my last weekly elt round up was actually my 200th post on this blog! I knew it was coming up but it sneakily snuck past me whilst I was distracted by my Delta. It’s always nice to reach milestones and I was actually thinking of doing some sort of competition or give away […]

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