The ABC of ELT

DELTA Module 2: The Calm before the storm

Well. After a few years break due to…different reasons. I’m finally getting back to completing my DELTA. You might have thought that I had completed my DELTA at some point as it’s pretty unusual to drag it out for so long. However, I’m not your typical person and so I’ve gone my own route. Why […]

Starting the DELTA Module 3

The time has come for me to start Module three of the Delta. After passing Module one last year (few!) I didn’t jump into taking the next part straight away but took some time off from the Delta. That’s one of the really nice things about doing it modally and at a distance, you can […]

Reflecting on Delta Module one

On Wednesday I made the trek over to the nearby city of Zafra to sit my Delta Module one exam. It marks the first end of my Delta course and was a very welcome moment. As I finally put the pen down after three hours of writing (in two slots) I let out a sigh […]

Error correction and feedback in the ELT Classroom

I mentioned in one of my recent DELTA diaries that there was a lot of information about error correction and feedback and this was an area that I wanted to reflect on more. After writing for a while (and reaching 2000 words) I realised that one post wasn’t enough so I will have more posts […]

My DELTA Evernote system

I’ve mentioned that I’m using Evernote for my DELTA but I thought I’d gone into a bit more detail as to how I’m arranging my system and how it is set up. If you don’t know what Evernote is then check out some of my older posts about it. 3 notebooks The main function I’ve […]

Delta diary Unit 5

Wait a second…Unit 5…That’s over half my input units finished for Module one! Argh! A very scary realisation to suddenly have but at the same time a big relief. I haven’t really had time to process and assimilate all the ideas and information from the units. It really is a big set up from the […]

DELTA Diary week 2

Another week down and another week closer to completing the DELTA. I’m sure I’ll soon regret doing the DELTA the long way when it feels like I’ve been studying for months and still have months to go but at the same time I’m sure I’ll appreciate the extra time to absorb the information and reflect on it via […]

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