The ABC of ELT

Hana challenge recap

Last month you may have noticed that I blogged a bit…well a lot really. Much more than previously. In fact, more in that month than the year so far. That’s because, thanks to Sandy Millin, I took part in the “Hana challenge” an informal challenge inspired by Hana Ticha who accidentally blogged 15 times in […]

Challenge! Blog 15 times within a month

This morning I noticed that Sandy Millin has started a blogging challenge informally set by Hana Tichá of blogging 15 times within a month. That’s every other day (more or less). I saw another ELT bloggers name rush past me on twitter proclaiming that they were also taking part in the challenge and it made […]

If I started blogging about ELT today…

I’ve been at IATEFL Poland (In Szczecin) this weekend and it’s got me reflecting on my history in teaching and also writing/blogging about teaching. I’ve run this site (or something similar) for the last five year I think now. In that time a lot of things have changed (when I started, smartphones were still a […]

New Years Resolutions for ELT

[blows the dust off the keyboard, cracks knuckles, starts typing] It’s a new year (well,Gregorian calendar new year, Chinese and Julian calendars have different dates but that’s by the by) and that means it’s a great opportunity for us to take stock of our lives, activities, work, and teaching. I’ve been thinking a lot about the […]

DELTA and blogging

Next week I officially begin my DELTA. To say I’m nervous is an understatement. Everyone I have spoken to says that the DELTA is a lot of work and that it will take up a lot of time. There is still a week to go so I’m doing my last minute preparation. Picking up books I need. Mark […]

How any new teacher can start a great blog now

Notebook and mac for blogging

If you caught my recent post about 6 tips for new teachers who want to blog then you may be wondering how to actually start a blog (and not just any blog but the best blog you can!) and so I thought I’d give you some help and links to set up a great blog […]

20 Ways to Improve as a Teacher next Year

school classroom pens and books

The academic year has started for some of us and after some well deserved rest for all us teachers it’s time to start thinking about how we can make the best of next year. As such, I thought it would be great to come up with a list of ways that you can improve as a teacher next […]

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