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You might not know a lot about Badajoz where I now live but I thought I’d give you a little info before explaining the picture to the right.

Badajoz is the main city in Extramedura, Spain. It is “the land of the conquistadores” and our city has about 150,000. It is probably the most rural area of Spain and has a reputation for not being very touristy and has a lower than average English speaking ability in the population.

The picture above is of the slogan of a nearby school which has an interesting sign [I decided not to include a picture of the actual school as I didn’t want to cause friction with anyone who works for the school]. The slogan reads

“we will make you bilingual.”

It’s an interesting marketing slogan but it’s made me think a bit about methodology.

So here are some question inspired by this sign.

1) What would you expect lessons to be like for:

  • the teacher
  • the student

2) Would you want classes from a place like this?

3) When does one become bilingual?

4) Can a person become bilingual?

5) What images do you think of when it comes to “make you bilingual.” what actions happen. Who does them?

6) Would you use this slogan for your school? Why/why not?

I also wonder if you know any interesting slogans for other schools near you. Feel free to share them bellow as well.


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