The ABC of ELT

Communicative purposes

[Blog post too long? Why not check out my one minute video on communicative purposes?] Communicative purpose is basically jargon for a good and meaningful reason to be speaking. Although it sounds so obvious it is really essential for activities. I’ll give you an example of what happens with out one and you can see […]

Reflective Practices

I have to confess my reflective practices are poor to non existent! At most I usually get a “I think that went well/didn’t go well, they really liked X” and then about 5 minutes later I’ve completely forgotten the thought. Partially, this stems from my Dyslexia, poor memory and organisational skills but I have managed to […]

What is the main resource I use in my lessons?

“What is the main resource that I use in my lessons?”An interesting thought that struck me this morning was, Is it the student book, extra material, authentic sources or is it the students and my own experiences? As such I’m going to for the next month record how much I use different sources in my […]

Elicit functional language for the task

> [Part of the Top TEFL tips series] Fluency tasks (following the ECRIF framework) are usually (see hopefully) a highlight to a students lesson. The chance to see how the language they have been practising and bring in other areas of language that they know with what they have just been studying. However, a common ocurrance […]

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