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General reflections on IATEFL PL 2017

Saint Mark’s church tower in Bielsko-Biała

Yesterday I presented at, and then returned from, IATEFL Poland in Bielsko-Biała-Biała. I had a great time (dare I say better than the previous year) and felt really fired up for the new academic year that will soon be starting. I hope to share some specifics from certain sessions but today I want to give […]

Every Lesson is Observed

two people beside the wisla river

I don’t know about you but when I have an observed lesson, I pull out all the stops. The coloured card comes out instead of paper for handout activities, the activity that works well in the book becomes an out of book activity that really rocks and a good dozen other little (but important) changes […]

your #oldeltpost from 2012

Welcome to the last #oldeltpost round up of the year. I’ve really enjoyed doing these and come across loads of great blog posts (and blogs) because of it. Thank you everyone who has recommended blog posts through out the year. I hope you’ll continue to join in next year as well. (if you want to check […]

My perfect classroom

Tyson set the challenge of describing our perfect classroom and sharing a picture of our current classroom. Last year I posted a picture of my classroom at the time so I thought I’d do a compare and contrast of my current and old classrooms as well. My new classroom   My new classroom certainly is […]

Vicky Loras’s best bit

Over the weekend I set people the challenge of sharing their favourite (or favorite for all our American readers) Blog post by @VickyLoras [click here to check out her old blog]. Thank you to everyone who took part and shared the posts that they have appreciated from Vicky, I really can’t do these by myself (well I […]

How games can be used (and misused) for motivation

There was once three classrooms of very young school children. All three had a drawing class but there were some differences. In one class they were told before they started drawing that if they drew, they would be rewarded at the end. In another those that drew were rewarded at the end but not told […]

How do you keep students involved whilst setting up?

One of the things I wonder when I see some Dogme blogs (and unplug parts of my lesson) is setting up some of these activities takes time. So I wondered How do we keep our students involved during these activities? So this post will aim to include some suggestions of how to keep lessons following […]


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