The ABC of ELT

Let students [try] to work it out themselves.

  It’s all to easy to just say the answer when teaching and whilst it may well help you to cover what is listed on the pace chart, or cover all the material a student needs for to be ready for their exam it doesn’t really help them in the long run. Instead, if we […]

Why use a whiteboard?

This is part of my series looking at using a whiteboard more effectively So why use the whiteboard? They are almost everywhere! More advanced technology [IWB/TVs etc] might not be in every classroom  white/chalk boards have been in classrooms around the world for a long time. Whiteboards can be seen by every student. Instead of […]

All about White/chalkboards

As I have posted previously I had become aware that my board work could use some improving. The way this awareness was raised was firstly a previous acknowledgement during my CELTA about handwriting and ensuring words were written in a ledgable manner. Then, via reading Teaching Unplugged and the comment that Board work is an essential aspect of […]

Watch what you say…but not too much

I’d love this post to end with a nice clear cut rule but unfortunately, as with most things in life, instead we get a fine balancing act. One of the hardest things for me when I started teaching was grading my language. that is using language that is clear and understandable for students.  At first, I […]

How did you feel when you started teaching?

  Claire giving me a lesson Today during our language awareness course we had a brief discussion about how we felt when we started teaching. It was really interesting to hear peoples different responses and I though it would be great to ask the rest of the world this questions. How did you feel when […]

Get yourself a mentor and community.

This possibly actually deserves to be the top of my tips for new teachers but it is the first one I’ve done concerning outside the classroom. The reason why it has taken me so long to suggest this is that I have been focusing within the classroom and yet really this out of classroom factor will […]

How can I help you?

If you are like me I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience. You are thinking of buying something (new clothes perhaps or something for your computer) but you’re not sure what exactly but you know a few good shops to try. You going into the shop to look around, see what t-shirts they have, or […]

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