The ABC of ELT

5 Tips when writing on a whiteboard

Part of the boardwork series this post looks at the actual process during writing. There is a story of a professor in a philosophy class who didn’t believe in conditioning of people so his students set out to prove him wrong. They never responded to him when he looked at them straight on or addressed the […]

A few Reasons why silence can be golden in a EFL classroom

  A conterversial sentence when held within the confinds of “communicative methodologies” and inparticular such ones that build upon essential tennets of faith teaching as conversation driven. However, there even within these frameworks there is a definite desirable use of silence on occasion. Unfortunately for us our brains can only process so much at a time. […]

What do you like best about teaching?

I was speaking to a fellow member of staff recently and she talked about how she had changed as a teacher over the years. Particularly she focused on how she had felt and what she enjoyed the most. Fear At first she was scared by the whole thing. Lesson felt worrying, she didn’t feel like she […]

Not just a teacher

This evening I was reflecting on the long road I have taken as a teacher this last year and thinking of the great expanse still to travel. One of the thoughts that I stuck on was that I haven’t just grown as a teacher this year I’ve developed a whole host of other skills. Some because […]

A month of using evernote for reflective practices

So a month in to my use of evernote for on the spot personal reflection and it has been a very mixed bag. At first it seemed to really work and I was logging my records straight after class on my HP touchpad and then polishing up at home. It lead me to focus on […]

Let students [try] to work it out themselves.

  It’s all to easy to just say the answer when teaching and whilst it may well help you to cover what is listed on the pace chart, or cover all the material a student needs for to be ready for their exam it doesn’t really help them in the long run. Instead, if we […]

Why use a whiteboard?

This is part of my series looking at using a whiteboard more effectively So why use the whiteboard? They are almost everywhere! More advanced technology [IWB/TVs etc] might not be in every classroom  white/chalk boards have been in classrooms around the world for a long time. Whiteboards can be seen by every student. Instead of […]

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