The ABC of ELT

Speaking IH young learners conference in Prauge

  I am very excited to announce that I will be doing a workshop on Dyslexic students at the IH Young Learners Conference in Prague on the 3rd of March. As someone who is Dyslexic and had “trouble” learning foreign languages when I was younger It is a topic that is very close to my […]

Using Evernote for Professional development

Recently on #ELTchat a blog challenge was set on how you use bookmarking programs so I thought I’d respond on how I use Evernote. Upon completing my record I realised that actually I use Evernote mainly as a note book and not for bookmarking. In spite of this I hope you will enjoy the read […]

30goals: Magic moments

This is the second of the 30 goals challenge. This time it’s all about magic moments. Moments in your teaching lives which have just stood out for some reason or another. This isn’t just about the immediate goal of recording some magic moment but also in the long term to provide a list of moments […]

Dogme in hindsight or Dogme as forward planning

This weekend I was away in Donetsk visiting the IH Donetsk school, seeing old friends, meeting new teachers, witnessing Ukrainian Communists singing songs to commorate the anniversary of Lenin’s death, and also to attend some joint school input sessions and feedback about the IH Dos conference. Of course one of the hot topics was Dogme. […]

#30goals My Me Manifesto

Here is my reply to the Me Manifesto Challenge : create a Me manifesto with your teaching beliefs or promises. [Part of the 30 goals challenge] What do you think of it?  I’ll add my reflections later when I have more time tonight [aka I am not on the move.]

How useful is metalanguage?

We have a new teacher who has just arrived at our school fresh of the TESOL course. He observed a couple of lessons of each and ever teacher and in the pub after the first day he came out with an interesting comment from. “When I did the TESOL we were told to never use […]

Happy New Year

A break from the Usual teaching blogs to offer you New Years wishes and hope that you have a brilliant 2012. I hope you have enjoyed the blog over the last few months However I’d love to know what you think could be better about it? More on teaching theory? Some example lesson plans? Some […]

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