The ABC of ELT

#30goals My Me Manifesto

Here is my reply to the Me Manifesto Challenge : create a Me manifesto with your teaching beliefs or promises. [Part of the 30 goals challenge] What do you think of it?  I’ll add my reflections later when I have more time tonight [aka I am not on the move.]

How useful is metalanguage?

We have a new teacher who has just arrived at our school fresh of the TESOL course. He observed a couple of lessons of each and ever teacher and in the pub after the first day he came out with an interesting comment from. “When I did the TESOL we were told to never use […]

Happy New Year

A break from the Usual teaching blogs to offer you New Years wishes and hope that you have a brilliant 2012. I hope you have enjoyed the blog over the last few months However I’d love to know what you think could be better about it? More on teaching theory? Some example lesson plans? Some […]

What lessons do I use more material in?

I had a strange realisation as I prepared for my open lessons last month [open lessons are lessons once a term where parents of students can attend and see how their children are doing, ask questions etc. (With the aid of translation)] and I made the comment that the worst thing about open lessons is […]

5 Tips when writing on a whiteboard

Part of the boardwork series this post looks at the actual process during writing. There is a story of a professor in a philosophy class who didn’t believe in conditioning of people so his students set out to prove him wrong. They never responded to him when he looked at them straight on or addressed the […]

A few Reasons why silence can be golden in a EFL classroom

  A conterversial sentence when held within the confinds of “communicative methodologies” and inparticular such ones that build upon essential tennets of faith teaching as conversation driven. However, there even within these frameworks there is a definite desirable use of silence on occasion. Unfortunately for us our brains can only process so much at a time. […]

What do you like best about teaching?

I was speaking to a fellow member of staff recently and she talked about how she had changed as a teacher over the years. Particularly she focused on how she had felt and what she enjoyed the most. Fear At first she was scared by the whole thing. Lesson felt worrying, she didn’t feel like she […]

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