The ABC of ELT

#30goals: goal 4 reveal their strengths

I really like this goal as I am a big fan of encouraging people and helping them to see what they are doing well. Luckily, this week I was doing a peer observation as part of my professional development plan for my school and so got to have a feedback session where I could encourage […]

Win a copy of 52 by the round!

The round recently released their first title to the general market. 52: subversive activities for teachers Having followed the round of a little time, and having a general interest in all thing eBook, I was very interested to see what this book would be like. My initial impressions were very positive and so I though […]

Training to deal with emergent language

  There a couple of issues when dealing with emergent language that frighten many [including me] off unplugging our lessons. Such as: What if I don’t recognise the emergent language? What if I can’t explain the language? What if I can’t design an activity for it? Which happen to coninside with the model of retrive, […]

Do teachers or Students set the pace?

  #eltpic taken by @victoriaB52 One of the very strange moments I had today [when speaking to another teacher] was about the amount of time activities take. [N.B. please bear in mind that this is a school context where there is a common text book and pace chart for everyone to follow.] A Slow teacher? […]

#30goals: goal 3 ask a learner.

  The third #30goal challenge involves asking students what they find useful in their own learning experiences.  This reminds me of one of my most enjoyable lessons that really can apply to all sorts of levels. “How do you learn English/other language”  I originally used it to teach present simple sentences for elementary students and […]

An initial review of 52 by the round

After being put on to the imitative of the round via twitter and seeing the striking similarities between what they were seeking to do and Seth Godin’s Domino project I got very excited yesterday to see the first title 52: a year of subversive activity for the ELT classroomwith the tag-line of being subversive activities for a […]

Speaking IH young learners conference in Prauge

  I am very excited to announce that I will be doing a workshop on Dyslexic students at the IH Young Learners Conference in Prague on the 3rd of March. As someone who is Dyslexic and had “trouble” learning foreign languages when I was younger It is a topic that is very close to my […]

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