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TEFL confession: Carrying too many bags

This is a new group of posts I’m starting. Honest confessions about problems/mistakes/funny incidents I have  had whilst teaching. I hope you’ll be able to offer advice and guidance and perhaps admit some of your own issues too. I often make a joke that I don’t have a cardio-vascular system. Instead I have a Caffeine system. In […]

The Ideal Timetable (Does It Exists?)

I’m fairly convinced that the ideal timetable doesn’t exist. One of the aspects I initially loved about English Language Teaching in Private schools was the fact that I could wake up later and stay up late. That soon changed when I picked up an early morning Business class and found that I then had to […]

Keep Your Goals To Yourself

Do you tell other people your goals so they can hold you to them? Well, in this TED video lesson you might come to the conclusion that it is better not to tell people your goals. This lesson is for higher level students around the theme of New Years’ Resolutions and Goals. It challenges the conventional wisdom […]

Is Crowdfunding The Future For Education?

Earlier this year I heard that one of the bloggers who I follow was making an iPhone app. He wanted to create a simple filtered image sharing tool which wouldn’t have any of the legal rights and ownership issues that Instagram and Facebook have and yet was as easy and fun to use. He started […]

Weekly ELT Summary 05/04/2013

You might have noticed that there wasn’t a weekly summary last week as I was travelling through Portugal back to England before going on to Barcelona over Easter and whilst I was away I couldn’t really track the blog posts that people put out (plus It was great to have an actual break). I hope […]

lies, dam lies and statistics

update: the simple solution is to just block the offenders, there isn’t much point reading this post but I don’t believe in hiding past statements. Keep them open and apologies where needed. I’m writing this because I’m finally fed up of a couple of spammers who keep tweeting useless tweets on the #eltchat hashtag and […]

10 great questions to ask during your TEFL interview

Preparing questions for an interview is an important step during your application process. It’s one of the few stages that can really make your application stand out from the rest AND help you find out the true character of the school. Many companies look to the questions you ask as an indication of what type […]


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