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The best #oldeltpost by Leo Selivan

Sorry for the slight delay in this post but I wanted to make sure I got everyone’s recommendation and I got a little busy with Delta things.

Last time I asked you to share some of your favourite #oldeltpost by Leo Selvian or Lexical Leo

I’d also add that Leo’s Lexical Tool kit is a great page to help you adapt to a more lexical form of teaching.

Leo’s Favourites

I asked Leo which posts were his favourite and he…well he cheated. But I won’t hold that against him. Instead of sharing one or two posts he told me a bit about the purpose of his blog.

I like [my classroom activity posts] most because this why I originally started a blog: in order to share classroom ideas and activities. This was before I went on to write more serious, reflective posts about topics that are a little above everyone’s head, according to [this blog post, a letter to a young CELTA graduate]

Leo’s classroom activities are great…and Lexical! For some teacher’s it can be easier to get some idea of the concept of the Lexical approach but not really see how it would work in a classroom Situation. Leo’s Activities can provide you with an insight there.

The future of #OldELTPost

Thank you everyone who took part and recommended a blog post, Unfortunately there were fewer people than previous times (I blame myself for not promoting it as much and being less active on Twitter these days)

As such I’m not going to do another #OldELTPost Until someone recommends the person to be targeted  I feel this is a good security measure to make sure people will take part in it.

In fact, It might be time to set this idea free, If someone else would like to organise and host the next #Oldeltpost on their blog then please contact me and we can discuss it more.

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