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New School Year, New Development Points

Well, a new school year is just around the corner for me (though you may well have already started your new year if you are one of those management types or work in the southern half of the world). After the summer of more work, some time off, my wedding [yup that happened, and it was fantastic] I’ve finally had chance to slow down a bit and look toward the coming year and how I want to grow this year.

For the last three plus previous years I’ve focused on the DELTA as the way I would grow. It had focused most of my time, effort and attention and for good reason. I have learnt a lot from it and it certainly stretched me in some ways. However, due to one factor or another that aren’t worth getting into, it looks like my brief hiatus from finishing the DELTA may continue for this year. Ironically, since becoming aware of this barrier, It made me realise that in a way the DELTA had become the exclusive reason, means and aspect of my professional development. Suddenly taking that away forced me to face some initially uncomfortable questions.

Do I really want to spend X hours working on growing as a teacher with no financial incentive (only cost)?

What area of my teaching do I want to develop?

How do I want to develop them.

As I mentioned, these were initially uncomfortable but then later actually quite exciting. The opportunity to choose my path and direction rather than rely on plotting through some pre-subscribed course and material is rather thrilling. As such here are my inital ideas for areas that I want to focus on developing this year.

  1. Teaching Lexically
  2. Focusing on Special educational needs and learning difficulties
  3. Assessment for Learning

And that’s enough for now I think.

I’m actually kind of excited to get going with some more self directed professional development and I know my school will support that direction.

What aspect of your teaching are you looking to develop this year?

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