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My DELTA Evernote system

I’ve mentioned that I’m using Evernote for my DELTA but I thought I’d gone into a bit more detail as to how I’m arranging my system and how it is set up. If you don’t know what Evernote is then check out some of my older posts about it.

3 notebooks

The main function I’ve gone for is a notebook for each Module. This helps to keep the different modules together and allows me to scroll through my notes.

Note titles

In every note title I include the unit and the topic title. For example Unit 6 spoken discourse. This helps separates the topics and keeps it organised by the unit I am studying. It also helps with searching via the search box.


I also use the tags for search purposes too. This allows me to keep units together and the topics. So I can click on “writing” and see everything in my Evernote system on Writing, including old blog posts that I’ve read.

Web clipping

I’ve clipped a few old webpage, using the clearly plugin, with different advice and tips centred around doing the Delta and different topics around the Delta. When combined with useful tags it means I can compare the notes from the distance delta and what past exam takers have said as well.

Using Skitch to steal and annotate images

In some of the input notes there are images or requests to make a mind map. Evernote doesn’t have a built in picture tool but you can attach pictures. As such I’ve made mind maps using Google drive drawing and then taken a screenshot in Skitch and attacked them to a note in Evernote.

Writing notes

When I go through the input notes I make my own note as I go, abbreviating and rephrasing to be the way that I would say it. I find that this helps me retain more information than just reading and doing the tasks that are part of the Input readings. It also provides me with quick notes in Evernote which I can search rather than having to scroll and search through the online Delta notes.

Exam Practice tasks

Every unit there is an exam practice task, I don’t use Evernote for this as I have to submit them online in Word .doc format and Evernote can’t create that. Instead I use Google Docs


Advantages and limitation

The main advantage is that I can easily reach my notes and search to find them as well as having access across a range of devices. When I went back to England and then on to Barcelona, I still had access to all my old notes and the same tools for creating new ones despite only taking my smartphone with me.

There are some problems though, there have been a couple of moments when I’ve lost my internet connection on my computer and it hasn’t saved the note that I was working (not a problem on my smartphone though) and there is also some evidence that suggest reading on a computer screen results in remembering less of the information than reading from paper.

Still this has been my system so far.

If you have any tips I’d gladly accept them.

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