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Mike Griffin’s OldEltPosts

It’s that time again for another Old ELT Blog posts!

Unlike other times where I have let other people choose the blogger who they want to investigate their blog and find great posts on, this time I have chosen the person and I’d like to explain why.


The idea of #oldeltpost came after I installed a blog plugin that would post my old posts 2 or 3 times a day cycling through the good and the bad. I really liked this especially as it has lead to people commenting on really old posts that I’ve done which have made me then remember old ideas I’ve had and also compare the differences in what I did then and no. I wanted to discover other people’s best posts but if they didn’t or couldn’t get this plugin then there was no way I could.

Until I came up with the idea of #oldeltpost


The only problem is that I need people to recommend blogs and to recommend the posts on the blogs themselves. Without this it just turns into the posts that I know.


Today’s #oldeltpost victim winner has been very active straight from the start and recommended great blogs to choose as well as finding great posts as well.


He is of course Mike Griffin.

Who is Mike Griffin?

Well I’ll let Mike introduce himself via his PLN and his about page (click here)

I have to also confess I am a huge Mike fan. He seems to have the incredible ability to encourage teachers he has never met face to face, to share great ideas, make brilliant comments and I love his blog. It is a perfect combination of seriousness, self-reflection and rants. The name ELT Rants, reflections and reviews is very appropriate (there is even a recent review!)


I have found that I increasingly add in little comments on my blog just for Mike. Okay I’ll admit it Mike is one of my ELT “Man crushes


Few! I’m glad I got that off my chest. So in case you are wondering how to take part in #OldELTpost it’s very simple.

How to take part


  1. Go to Mike’s blog
  2. Find an old blog post you like. If you don’t know his blog then search topics that you like or look at the popular posts.
  3. Leave a comment in this blog with the link OR post the link on Twitter with #oldeltpost as the hashtag.
  4. Tell other people about it (okay you don’t have to do this part but it really helps)


That’s it! Oh there is one other thing, if you want then you can suggest the NEXT blogger to get the #oldeltpost treatment.

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2 Replies

  1. Mike is definitely one of my favourite bloggers (educators, people : ) and my fave post is this one: Difficult to choose, but this is super!!!

  2. Kevin Stein

    Dear World,

    I want you to know that by picking one of Mr. G’s blog posts as a favorite, I in no way mean to imply that:

    – The rest of the blog posts do not rise to a similar level of excellence

    – That this ‘favorite’ is in fact a stable emotional state as opposed to a quantum like-ness which is in a constant state of flux

    – That someone could jump to Mike’s blog, read this article and call it a day

    I actually think the first Blog post I read of Mike’s was the SCA (shipbuilder class anecdote), but it wasn’t until this piece ( a few posts later that I started checking Mike’s blog daily. It was the balance of honesty and dry humor that really got me. And the content. The content is also very good. But that mix of humor and honest, that’s the real special sauce.

    Looking forward to reading other’s favorite MG posts.



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