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Keep Your Goals To Yourself

Facebook Pinterest Twitter Do you tell other people your goals so they can hold you to them? Well, in this TED video lesson you might come to the conclusion that it is better not to tell people your goals. This lesson is for higher level students around the theme of New Years’ Resolutions and Goals.

Quit Social Media, Your Career May Depend on it

Facebook Pinterest Twitter Many people say that being on Social Media is an essential idea for professionals. In his controversial article, Cal Newport (author of Deep Work) argues that getting off social media may be vital for your career. A great topic to get your students talking. Key Features of Lesson plan A controversial topic

Sketchnotes from IATEFL Poland 2017

Facebook Pinterest Twitter Here are a selection of sketchnotes I made at the IATEFL Poland conference in Belsko-biała in 2017. Featured speakers include Jon Hird, Kate Protsenko, Ola Komada, Jo Sayers from ELT Jam, Mike Hogan and Joanna Porębska.   Facebook Pinterest Twitter

First Lesson Ideas for Primary Classes [Sketchnote]

Facebook Pinterest Twitter At the start of the 2017 academic year we had a short training session that went over some tips for our First lessons with Primary students. Some of this is very centre specific (such as TCMS notes) but the general tips (like the aim being to build confidence and the checklist) can

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