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Keep Your Goals To Yourself [Lesson Plan]

As it is the start of the year, I wanted to create a lesson that took a look at the common theme of New Year’s resolutions but with a bit of a twist to provoke more discussion. As such I choose the short Derek Sivers’s (founder of CD baby) TED talk “Keep your goals to yourself” which challenges conventional wisdom to share your goals so people can hold you to account. Derek uses clear language with great images that often cause students to laugh. He also uses some common language around goals which can be useful to introduce to students as well as prompt further vocabulary.I’ve also made use of some statistics based on New Years’s resolutions and how successful (or unsuccessful) people typically are.
This was originally designed for my proficiency level Business English class so there might need to be some adaptation for your classes yet I believe that it could suit a range of classes with some adaptation. In fact, the last task was aimed more towards teenage students but could easily be adapted to a discussion task for adult students.  It is also a work in progress so I hope to add more material and update it (I’d be especially grateful for your own feedback and suggestions that would help improve it.)
This first draft features material for a typical PDP listening/watching lesson plan with a slight vocabulary focus on collocations surrounding goals. I hope to add some more lexis work off this topic.
As such, I’ve used Gumroad so that I can send out updates to people who download it as I make changes. It also allows you to make a little donation if you like the material. I’ve included student and teacher PDFs which you can print off (and have a copy of the answers) plus the Word and Pages files so you can adapt them as you like for your own classes.

This is something that I’m interested in doing more of especially as I’m making and preparing a few lesson resources for the afore mentioned Business English classes that I teach and I hope they can help people. I’d really love your feedback especially if there are some other ideas that you’d like.

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