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Is teaching English as a foreign Language right for me?

There are many reasons people get into teaching English abroad ranging from wanting a years break from “life” to wanting to start a long term professional career and everything in between (including extra part time work). As such there is a good chance that teaching English abroad is for you. (That’s the short version)

However, it certainly isn’t for everyone and not all jobs are suitable for everyone. A traveller who is looking for some extra cash for will want a different job to the university graduate who has dreamed about moving to, and teaching, in a foreign country all their life.

That is what this website is for. To help people who are starting to think about teaching English abroad (or in their home country as well, though we will focus on abroad for a few reasons I’ll mention in another post) and wants some help and guidance.

So let’s get started!

Can I teach?

This is a tough question and one that is perhaps easiest answered by just giving teaching a go. However, signing up for an expensive qualifying course on a give-it-a-go-and-see isn’t for everyone so perhaps these might help you.
  • Enjoy meeting, speaking and Listening to new people
  • Can explain things easily
  • Patient
  • Enjoy learning (If you don’t know your language then you soon will need to)
  • Can empathise and place yourself in a students shoes.

More on this in another post.

Different types of teachers

Not every one is the same so it is unsurprising that not every teacher is the same. Some teach in very different styles; from standing at the front, using the whiteboard and having an extremely detailed plan, to sitting around the edge of a circle, using only material that students bring in and having a very loose plan (and any combination between or of elements above). More than that, some teachers only want to teach for a year, where as others want to teach all their lives. Some want to stay in one place for ever and others want to see the world.
All this really matters a lot, if you don’t know what type of teacher you are then it’s harder to find the right job for you.

Different types of teaching jobs

Along with different types of teachers there are different jobs out there and they are looking for a certain teacher. If you match this then you’re going to be competing in your field. If you get it wrong then you’re going to be in completely the wrong area. Think of it like a sprinter trying to qualify for an endurance race, or the other way round. targeting your jobs search for the right type of job is important and you can only target our search if you know what type of job you want. Here are some things to think about.
  • How long do I want to work in this place?
  • How long do I want to teach?
  • What ages do I want to teach?
  • Do I want to teach Business men, exam classes or Just general English.

More on this to come soon but here’s one last word of warning. Almost every job requires you to teach a group you don’t want to so be careful.

How to get qualified, get a great job and thrive as an TEFL teacher.

Over the next few weeks and months we’ll look at exactly that and more, including.

If there are any questions you have then please leave them in the comments bellow and I’ll do my best to reply to you directly.

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