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How did you feel when you started teaching?


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Claire giving me a lesson

Today during our language awareness course we had a brief discussion about how we felt when we started teaching.

It was really interesting to hear peoples different responses and I though it would be great to ask the rest of the world this questions.

How did you feel when you started teaching?

In all honesty I felt excited and scared. When I did my CELTA it wasn’t really an issue as I knew the lessons were free and so if they went badly the students wouldn’t complain. Starting to teach paid lessons and hearing horror stories about students going straight to the DOS and asking for a new teacher made me feel scared. When the inevitable mishaps occured in my first lessons I was sure that I would soon be replaced and not have my contract extended beyond the probationary period. However there was also great excitement about finding out new things about all my students and starting to see them really improve.

Soon, after some positive feedback these positive feelings were all that remained and I felt happy to teach my students. I realised that mistake and mishaps DO happen, even to the best of us (some more frequently than others but still). More important than  avoiding mistakes was learning how to correct them and feeling relaxed definitely helped. I still sometimes feel scared, before a new group or similar, but in general the positive feeling are the strongest remaining feeling I have about teaching.

I hope it will stay that way for a long time.

So please go ahead! How did you feel when you started teaching? 

[This was also inspired by Brad Patterson’s Blog Question on “Why did you start teaching?” so why not go over there and add your comments too?”]

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