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Hana challenge recap

Last month you may have noticed that I blogged a bit…well a lot really. Much more than previously. In fact, more in that month than the year so far. That’s because, thanks to Sandy Millin, I took part in the “Hana challenge” an informal challenge inspired by Hana Ticha who accidentally blogged 15 times in a month. The aim was to intentionally blog 15 times in a month (personally, I find that less impressive. Accidentally doing it shows that you could possible blog more had you planned it).

How did I do…well here are my results.


I blogged a total of

  1. Challenge! Blog 15 times within a month
  2. It Will All Be Different in a Few Years
  3. The Master of Non English Teacher
  4. How to Cope When There is a Teacher You Just Don’t Get on With
  5. How I’m Planning my IATEFL Poland talk this year
  6. My Fears Surrounding my IATEFL Poland 2017 Talk
  7. ELT Conference Survival Kit
  8. General Reflections on IATEFL PL 2017
  9. Make Sure You Teach Something in Your First Class
  10. The Ideal Timetable (Does it Exists?) (Spoiler: no)
  11. What to Do About Students Who Are in the “Wrong” level?

So..not quite 15 (and the last one was actually a couple of days after the end of the month as well). Still 10 compared to my usual one or two (or none) is a big difference. If you added in the post I wrote for SketchnoteClassroom to go along with my IATEFL talk…then It actually works out as over 16 (and there might be a couple of other blog posts on various sites around the internet as well). Still I wanted 15 on this site and I didn’t quite hit that.

My Experience

I am very glad I did this challenge and stretched myself like this because it really did push me out of my comfort zone and reminded me a bit of when I started blogging about ELT some 5 years ago or so. I used to publish regularly and put things out that I wasn’t sure about but I knew that I needed something to come out…so I hit publish. There were several posts (see if you can predict which) where I wasn’t sure how people would react or if they’d be received positively. Normally, I’d just keep them as drafts…maybe It was good that I published them…but then again I don’t know.

As my timetable picked up and I ended up traveling almost every weekend, it made writing and keeping to the schedule much harder. That’s why I basically stopped during the final week. Admittedly, the start of term is always a busy time and I added additional work for myself. In regular term time I suspect it might be an easier challenge.

However, there is one more reason why I don’t think I’ll be shifting into a more increased blog posting schedule. I prefer taking more time to write and research posts

Going Forward?

I’ve been considering a lot recently about out of work responsibilities and duties. I’m still reflecting on these ideas but I had a few ideas that I want to hold to. The first is that I want to writing about English Language Teaching. When I do, I am more passionate about my job and have more inspiration. It makes me a better teacher.

I also want to keep to a regular schedule. Normally I end up defaulting to publishing on Monday morning…but I’m thinking that I might switch to Tuesday…I’m not certain yet.

And I want at least one post a week. I may on certain occasions publish more than once a week, but my aim is for once a week.

I’ve also had another idea that I may try out this year…but I’m aware of the time it might take to do and I’m not sure I can put that time in…we’ll see.

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