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A Google Space for English Language Teachers

After the astounding success of Orkut, Google Buzz, Google me and Google+, Google has decided to once again try it’s hand at social networking and created “Google Spaces”. While you maybe thinking “what another one?” I decided to jump in and give it a go. It seems to be a bit like Pinterest, Google+ collections and Flipboard thrown together but the iOS app is very attractive so what the heck.

I’ve set up a Google Space at this link which you can visit, join in and start sharing. Please share your own writings/activities/ideas as well as other people’s (but if you only share your own or only share someone else’s I don’t mind).

On a teaching note, this could be an interesting tool for students to use together. If you have developed a culture of reading/listening outside of class and then sharing in class, you can encourage them to share the article before they come to class for the other students to check out. I’ve managed to do something similar with a coursebook free class where students had to share an article each week, many brought in a printed copy of the article and I would occasionally photocopy an article which caught the interest of the rest of the class. A Google Space could be a way to do this in a more enviornmentally friendly manner.

A final idea, in your staff room you could set up some Google spaces for teachers to use for professional development. You could share interesting articles you have found, or activities to use in the classroom.

To be honest, you could use Pinterest or a Facebook group for a similar result to some of these other ideas so I don’t really know if Google Spaces will provide a massive advantage over any of the alternatives out there. Perhaps the best way to find out is to try it and see what happens.

Any Other ideas how English Language Teachers can use Google Spaces?

Have you got any other ideas of how English language teachers can use Google Spaces? Leave a comment below.

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