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ELT2 Podcast Number one – Becoming a Linchpin

On a cold day in December,I met up with my boss and had a little chat about the book Linchpin by Seth Godin. The same book that inspired my blog post “How to survive the teacher apocalypse.”

The podcast is just over 20 minutes long. When you have a minute, please give it a listen.

Well did you like it? Would you like to see more? Was it the right length?


About Chris Wilson

I'm an English Language teacher based in Krakow, Poland. I enjoy writing, using technology and playing the Ukulele.

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  1. hi chris

    i enjoyed listening to you and your friends thoughts, though personally i don’t see why seth godin is so popular! 😉

    getting opinions on where to go with podcasts maybe be one way to go but i feel u should do podcasts you want to do, after all i think the attraction of such a medium much like blogging is the personal flavour!


    1. Thanks Mura.

      I think part of the reason Seth Godin is so popular…is because he is so popular. If he puts out a book on the same subject saying the same things as someone else, his will probably sell more because he has the name.
      I’d say nothing in Linchpin is really that new, but it is well put together and very easy to read.

      Thanks for the advice about the podcast. My main question I guess would be about time. If it’s too long for people then I’d happily cut the size of any future one.
      This really was an experiment and I’m not sure I’ll do another, after all James Taylor does such a good one for ELTChat.
      What ever people say I’ll probably ignore comments I don’t like anyway!
      once again thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I enjoyed listening to the podcast and would like to hear more in the future.

    In terms of time, my thoughts are: 10 minutes and I’ll click and listen as soon as it comes up. 20 minutes and I’ll plan time for it. Longer than that and if I’m busy I’ll probably skip it entirely until I’m not busy.

    Thanks for yet another new and interesting post. I look forward to the next one.


    1. Thanks Anne,

      I think I feel similarly as well. Although 20 minutes isn’t long, we don’t always have a spare 20 minutes at hand. The problem with 5 minutes is that you can’t really go into great detail.

      Thanks for the support 🙂

  3. Very enjoyable (and not just for VOG) related issues.
    I think your enthusiasm in palpable and there is a lot of interesting stuff there.
    I am looking forward to more!

    I am not sure where you are planning on going with it but I found it quite interesting.
    I liked combining the book and our industry.

    In terms of timing I think 20 is good for an upper limit.

    best of luck, sir.

  4. The medium: I’m thinking of starting a podcast as well, so this has definitely been a good experiment to listen to! My podcast playlist is usually played on my commute, so two things I’d tweak here is timing (edit, trim, cut down to 10mins?) and variety (volume, soundbites, intro music, voiceover to introduce different parts). But that’s just me and I used to do radio work, so maybe I’m projecting 🙂

    The message: it gives me hope to listen to two guys in a language school saying: no, we won’t do it that way. Yes, we actually care about things. It’s one thing to hear it from Godin (over and over) – but it’s another thing to actually hear someone say: he was right here, and this is what we’ve done about it.

    So yes, we want more of that, in bus-and-espresso friendly chunks 😀

    1. Thanks Wiktor it really means a lot.
      I think I agree that 20 mins is a bit too long. ELTChat’s podcast is great at 30 mins but I do have to set aside time for it. On the other hand they have many sections so you can drop in an out as well. I think I’m going to crop it to 10 minutes if I continue (still not sure).

      Thanks for the encouragement as well. We are quite lucky to be in such a small place with so few schools who (from everything I’ve seen) haven’t really been excelling or going that extra step. I’d imagine for a school in a big city with lots of competition it would be much harder..but even more vital.

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