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Delta Diary Module 2: And We’re off! Sort of.

My Module Two officially starts today (assuming this comes out on Monday I’m starting writing this on Sunday night). I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little nervous about restarting the DELTA after some set backs but at the same time I’m very excited to get going again and advance. To keep going in the long term, a teacher really has to work on improving and not being challenged or pushed leads to a decline in motivation.

I was eager to get ahead with my DELTA as I know that I can take time to write up detailed lesson plans and essays so getting ahead was something that I really wanted to do. Unfortunately I couldn’t find too much on what I could practically do to get ahead. For example, I was looking for a lesson plan template so I could get my diagnostic lesson plan ready. However, I could only access these today when the moodle opened.

Admittedly I could have started to draft more of the information out about my diagnostic lesson plan instead of spending so long looking round for a plan.

A positive was the workplan. I was sent one to fill in along with some draft plans to follow. It wasn’t the easiest thing to complete as I really needed to check what a few code words meant. I also spent some time checking my diary for when events like Easter holidays were as well as when I could organise my lesson observations.

Apart from that I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading about all the different aspects of Module 2. I’m sure I’ve read all this information before but perhaps it was so long ago that it seemed to slip out of my mind. Basically what I need to do for module two is.

  • A Professional development plan (which looks at areas I want to improve, then is updated with my progress and a summation upon completion of how I’ve done.)
  • A diagnostic Lesson (a chance to get feedback before the course starts and work out what I should work on)
  • Four Assessed lessons (the last of which has an outside assessor)
  • For each assessed lesson I need a Background essay on the skill or system [This is the part I’m most worried about]
  • For each assessed lesson I also need a detailed lesson plan
  • An experimental practice lesson (along with plan and so on)

I may have missed something off that list but that’s the bulk of the work. With it spread out over 13 weeks (with one week off) its basically write and deliver a lesson plan each week and feedback and then prepare for the next one on the second week (at the same time watch other lessons and complete your personal feedback). That’s not unreasonably, but it made me really realise that I had to cut a heck of a lot of other “stuff” in my life…like photography (I’m still going to go shooting on Wednesday lunch time during my little gap in my schedule. It’s a great mid week way to relax for me.) watching TV (well YouTube really) and some socialising. I know that it’s important not to cut all socialising but I’ll have to really stay focused.

I’m also going to make ample use of the Pomodoro technique (set a timer for 25 minutes, work solidly. take a five minute break, start again) for writing these background essay and lesson plans. It’s one of those tricks that really helps me beat procrastination, stay focused and make sure my eyes don’t tire out in front of a computer screen.

I’m not certain how often I’ll update this DELTA diary, I’ll probably aim for a weekly update but perhaps it will be more frequently or less (I’d place a bet on the later.) Till next time.

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