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Computer crash

Growing up at the age I did I have practically been using computers of one form or another all my life.

That isn’t to say that I was using them in the classroom but from an early age

  • my home works were typed and not handwritten,
  • I researched things using encyclopedia Britannia (remember that!)
  • I remember chat rooms, msm and my space all being the “big thing”.

In many ways my life was changed by this amazing technology but I also changed for it. For example I no longer have a collection of cd’s (despite having found nostalgic memories of going CD shopping) and I don’t have a TV as I watch web serials and other things online. Perhaps it is no surprise that this is true of my teaching as well.

I usually prepare my materials using my computer, research different activities using my computer, play listenings from my computer, collaborate with students in lessons using Google docs, set and collect homework using email and even do things like my admin and invoice hours using a computer. I have adapted my teaching in many ways to suit my natural use of technology. The problem is my computer crashed this weekend.
I was getting ready to upgrade my computer to windows 8 and so transferred some documents to my external hard drive as a backup. It seems now that I didn’t disconnect the hard drive correctly and this crashed my hard drive. After a day of trying to repair it  gave up and had to wait till Monday for the shops to open so it can be repaired. The chances are that it will take a bit of tie to fix if it really is as bad as I think it is and this leaves me in a bit of a strange fix. How am I going to teach without a computer.

You make think that I am over reacting. After all I can just do some standard course book lessons…except that non of my groups except the kids have course books. In addition there are a couple of groups that I really want to do listening with this week. What can I use for this?

The plus Side is that I can use this as another prompt to simplify my teaching approach and remember the important aspects. I’ve done paperless lessons before so why don’t I try that with some of my groups? In addition were coming to the end of the month so some revision would be very good for all the groups too. What’s more this can be a great chance to show students that the language t they have learnt so far is actually useful and get them to do some project work.

When I stop to think about it not having a computer can be a real blessing. Still I certainly hope it get’s repaired soon!

Are you overly reliant on technology?

P.s. sorry for any spelling, grammar, or format mistakes. This was written on a tablet.

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I'm an English Language teacher based in Krakow, Poland. I enjoy writing, using technology and playing the Ukulele.

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