The ABC of ELT

Invoicing for Freelance English Language Teachers

As an English teacher, chances are that you might have to invoice someone for classes or lessons they have. This could be an individual who has one to one classes, or it could be a business to whom you provide lessons. It may even be something you have to do as part of a language […]

Keep Your Goals To Yourself [Lesson Plan]

As it is the start of the year, I wanted to create a lesson that took a look at the common theme of New Year’s resolutions but with a bit of a twist to provoke more discussion. As such I choose the short Derek Sivers’s (founder of CD baby) TED talk “Keep your goals to […]

A Google Space for English Language Teachers

After the astounding success of Orkut, Google Buzz, Google me and Google+, Google has decided to once again try it’s hand at social networking and created “Google Spaces”. While you maybe thinking “what another one?” I decided to jump in and give it a go. It seems to be a bit like Pinterest, Google+ collections and Flipboard […]

Legal images for EFL classes (and Blog posts)

When you are creating your own materials (or simply supplementing a Coursebook) it can be really useful to use an image to enhance the material or create and activity for students. Thanks to the internet it isn’t hard to find a great image to use, but if you just do a normal google search you […]

Great TOEFL Resources

Studying for a test

This week I’ve gained a new student who I need to prepare for taking a TOEFL exam. This has been a bit stressful for me as she is an intensive student and I have never taught TOEFL exam prep before. In fact, it is easily the exam I know the least about. However, every challenge […]

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