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The best #oldeltpost by Leo Selivan

Sorry for the slight delay in this post but I wanted to make sure I got everyone’s recommendation and I got a little busy with Delta things. Last time I asked you to share some of your favourite #oldeltpost by Leo Selvian or Lexical Leo Teaching Lexically in 2013 Binomials  Does digital mean better? Explaining the differences […]

Lexical Leo’s #OldELTPost

Leo Selivan is an English Language teacher out in Israel who sometimes goes by the superhero alias of “Lexical Leo” as you might expect Leo is a bit of a Lexical approach fan and frequently writes (and talks) about both the theory and practice of the Lexical approach. His blog ( is where you can […]

Rachael Roberts best blog posts

Just over a week ago recently, I asked you to recommend your favourite posts by Rachel Roberts (alias @teflerinha). As testament to the links and bonds she has formed with other teachers online I got some great responses from people about their favourite posts by her. Rachel’s Favourite Posts I also asked Rachael which were her favourite posts and […]

#OldELTPost for Rachael Roberts

That’s right it’s time for another #oldeltpost…what do you mean I’m late! I’m not…oh yeah this should have been two weeks ago really…OPPS! well I’m willing to blame the DELTA for that. Perhaps most surprisingly no one called me up on it. Oh well. This week the Winner/Victim/subject (delete as appropriate) is Rachel Roberts of […]

James Taylor’s #OldELTpost

profile picture James Taylor

This month I asked you to share your favourite blog posts by James Taylor (otherwise known as @TheTeacherJames) Thank you everyone who went over to James’s blog to find a blog post to share. It really means a lot and I can’t do this on my own. Your recommendations Just say Yes.  This post was recommended by several people […]

Submit your #oldeltpost for James Taylor

Welcome to the first #oldeltpost of 2013! If you have never heard of #oldeltpost before then click this link and you can find out a bit more.  There was no #OldELTpost in January as I wanted people (including myself) to take a proper break for christmas, but what a comeback with have with James Taylor […]

your #oldeltpost from 2012

Welcome to the last #oldeltpost round up of the year. I’ve really enjoyed doing these and come across loads of great blog posts (and blogs) because of it. Thank you everyone who has recommended blog posts through out the year. I hope you’ll continue to join in next year as well. (if you want to check […]

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