The ABC of ELT

What Are Sketchnotes?

Sketchnotes are one of those ideas that is spreading more in education circles. But what are sketchnotes? Are they just another buzzword or trend, or are they something that is worth using in the classroom? Well in this short explainer video, I go over what sketchnotes are…via a sketchnote. (I know, meta). What are sketchnotes […]

How does the Pareto Principle Apply to ELT?

Have you heard of the 80/20 principle (also know as the Pareto Principle)? Here is a really simplified version of it. An Italian economist by the name of Vilfredo Pareto discovered that in a wide variety of areas, 80% of the results would come from 20% of the producers. In his example, 80% of Italy […]

Deep Work For Teachers (And Some Teaching Ideas)

Recently I read Deep Work by Cal Newport [UK link], I was instantly attached to the ideas presented and wondered about how it could be applied to Teaching English as a foreign language. So here are some ideas on how to apply Deep Work to teaching English as a foreign language. What is Deep Work? Deep […]

A Few Simple Ideas for Young Learner Classes

Krakow Podgorze 2016

I’ve been teaching a lot of “pre-teens” [10-13] kids recently and I’ve found a few little ways to adapt activities and generate interest in topics a bit more. I thought I’d share a few of my go to idea at the moment. 1. Surveys and forms to fill in It’s amazing how a series of […]

Why You Should Try Bulk Planning Lessons

bulk lesson planning home desk

While I was out in Spain, I started doing planning my lessons in a new way which lead to me planning (in my opinion) better lessons, faster and which fit a syllabus better. That was by bulk lesson planning. Bulk lesson planning is where you don’t just plan one lesson in isolation, instead you plan […]

Assessment For Learning in ELT

bus shelter in aldeburgh

I’m sure most learners are familiar with “Assessment of learning” the idea that at some point in our learning journey (typically the summer and at certain key ages, but as we get older with greater variability) we are measured and assessed to a standard of what we have learnt. I’d love to meet someone who […]

How to exploit emerging language

school classroom pens and books

One of the issues that I’ve been noticing more and more, is how you can exploit emerging language, when your students don’t make mistakes. I’m sure you’ve been there in a lesson with either a Dogme or task based approach where you search the room for some emerging language and either a couple of issues […]

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