The ABC of ELT

Task management systems: Great Apps For Teachers

I’ve had an idea for a new type of regular blog post. It’s about apps and programs which I find useful as a teacher (with some tips that I’ve learnt from using them). The first one is a task management application. That is an application which helps you keep track of different tasks as well […]

4 Issues That Hold Me Back From Using Technology in the Classroom

One of my favourite podcasts (out of school) is coming to an end after five years. They covered using technology in education with an emphasis on iPad (though not exclusively). This has covered some great topics like education theory, cool iPad apps, infrastructure issues and the challenges of working in education. This often inspired me […]

Evernote For EFL Teachers In 2017

[Update: mere minutes after I published this post I noticed this article saying Evernote’s new (completely lack of) privacy policy means employees of Evernote can look at your notes…to improve their AI suggestions. This is enough to convince me to move over to OneNote.] One of the first things I started blogging about was using […]

My Experience Teaching With Android Wear

moto 360

Back sometime before Christmas time I picked up a Moto 360 to use. It became part of my day to day tool kit and I didn’t really think about writing anything about it. But now with the Apple Watch I realised that people might be interested in how to use wearables in the class room. […]

Legal images for EFL classes (and Blog posts)

When you are creating your own materials (or simply supplementing a Coursebook) it can be really useful to use an image to enhance the material or create and activity for students. Thanks to the internet it isn’t hard to find a great image to use, but if you just do a normal google search you […]

S.A.M.R Tech

I’ll be honest I’ve become pretty sceptical of “ed tech gurus”. Mostly this is due to seeing them constantly talking about new apps that seem to offer much the same experiences and functions as others but with one or two differences. In other  case they seem to create these incredible activities to utilise and App […]

My DELTA Evernote system

I’ve mentioned that I’m using Evernote for my DELTA but I thought I’d gone into a bit more detail as to how I’m arranging my system and how it is set up. If you don’t know what Evernote is then check out some of my older posts about it. 3 notebooks The main function I’ve […]

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