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Blog Downtime at Summer School


As I mentioned recently I have just arrived at a Summer School in Oxford where I worked last year. I really love Oxford, for many reasons, and in spite of the high workload and little time off last year, I really enjoyed working here. Of course, all the extra warden duties have consequences and as such I am afraid that (for the first week at least) I’m taking a little pause from blogging and will probably reduce the number of posts I post for the rest of the summer.

There are some advantages in this though, ever since I had a little accident with my blog a few months back things haven’t quite been right, as such I will be completely reinstalling the blog during this week [03-05th of July] along with my new theme. (Well, I say new theme but really this is an update of my current theme, standard theme Click here to view more details)

The other big advantage of this downtime is the chance to host guest posts. I have already had one person approach me about guest posting which I am really excited about, and I’d love to have the chance to host more people on this blog. I’d also happily TRY and do a blog exchange and give you a guest post in return if you fancy it.

However, there is a big issue with taking the blog down and re-installing. I MAY lose your subscriptions with the change over. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are using the feedburner services but may well be a problem if you have an email subscription or if you have subscribed to the rss feed another way. As such, may I suggest that you write a little note in your diary for next Monday (the 9th) and subscribe again then. That way you’ll know for sure you’ll be following the blog.

Please do bear with the brief of period I’m sure regular blogging will return soon. In the meantime I have a few suggestions for you.

  1. Write a guest post.
  2. Comments on an old post (what about my student blogs series? Or perhaps ad to my old top ten tefl tips?)
  3. Make your own minute Monday video and post it on Monday
  4. Find your favourite old post on my blog and link to it here.
  5. Tell me what blog platform and theme you are currently using and what you like about it.
  6. Tell me about your summertime plans? Are you working or going on holiday.

All the best


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