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Challenge! Blog 15 times within a month

This morning I noticed that Sandy Millin has started a blogging challenge informally set by Hana Tichá of blogging 15 times within a month. That’s every other day (more or less). I saw another ELT bloggers name rush past me on twitter proclaiming that they were also taking part in the challenge and it made me think…why not.

When I first got into teaching English as a foreign language, blogging was a great help for me. It helped me track what I was learning, share ideas and be challenge over mistakes and assumptions which I held. Over time I slowed down my output and invested time elsewhere but this site has stilled helped to serve that purpose. As such, I can’t think of a better way to start the new academic year than kicking it off with a bang and blogging… a LOT!

What you can expect

IATEFL Poland is coming up and that usually provides a great wealth of material and thought provoking stimuli. Furthermore I’ve missed blogging regularly and since my DELTA I’ve been waiting for a push to get me going again.

I’ve actually been working on some material to post here based off my IATEFL talk (the one which I didn’t know if I was going to be presenting, then thought I wasn’t going to get to present…then found out that I am definitely presenting so I had better finish it off PDQ).

Yup, this post is totally cheating

Yes, to get myself underway I am using this post to get going but there is another purpose. If you are a teacher and you have never blogged (or you haven’t blogged for a while), why not join in with the challenge? It will push you and get you thinking.

If you need to get a site started then why not check out this old post I wrote (tl;dr I recommend you start writing on Medium as it’s quick and easy to set up).

Leave a comment if you’re joining in

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  1. Yay! Looking forward to reading the results 🙂

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