The ABC of ELT

It Will All Be Different in a Few Years

Yesterday I saw an image from 7 years ago of the first Dnipro FC game I saw in the Ukraine. That means it’s 7 years since I arrived in Ukraine and my English as a foreign language teaching career began. During that time I’ve come across lots of different theories and research and the only […]

Challenge! Blog 15 times within a month

This morning I noticed that Sandy Millin has started a blogging challenge informally set by Hana Tichá of blogging 15 times within a month. That’s every other day (more or less). I saw another ELT bloggers name rush past me on twitter proclaiming that they were also taking part in the challenge and it made […]

5 things that aren’t on a YL teachers job description (but should be)

There have been several moments during my career where somethings happened and I’ve thought “This wasn’t on the job description”. Mostly, these have happened with Young (and very young) learners, but there were some exceptions. Anyway, I thought I’d share 5 things that aren’t on a Young Learners teacher’s Job description (but should be). 1. […]

3 Alternatives To Hangman Which Aren’t Hangman (But Kind of Are)

Hangman is a common resident of many English language teaching classrooms. For low levels and young learners it has a great advantage of getting kids to say individual letters and help clarify some differences and confusion (for example E, I and A in Polish or H, J and W in Spanish). However, it can also […]

DELTA Diary: Module 2 Finished…?

Well, it’s been a while since my last post after I completed my second LSA. The main reason for is the last month or so has been a frantic mess. I took too long at the start of the DELTA and so then I had to really focus and work hard at the end to […]

DELTA Diary LSA 1 recap and LSA 2

Well, I finally got my results back from my first LSA and, it’s a bit mixed. I had chosen a tricky topic that I wouldn’t advice people do the same but I also made some very silly mistakes that could have been easily avoided. So the end result is that I passed the teaching but […]

Delta Diary: LSA 1 Done

Notebook and mac for blogging

[Update: I actually have taught my LSA 1 now and have notes at the end] I missed posting last week for a few reasons. The main one was that I wanted to focus on getting my first background essay finished after I got feedback on my first draft. On a sidenote, I’ve noticed that the […]

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