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The Master of None English Teacher

One of the attributes I’ve looked for in job opportunities has been to not be lumped with only one type of student. Be that general english, adults, teens, in state school, business or whatever. It’s not that I dislike any of these groups of students its just that I really enjoy and value the variety […]

Invoicing for Freelance English Language Teachers

As an English teacher, chances are that you might have to invoice someone for classes or lessons they have. This could be an individual who has one to one classes, or it could be a business to whom you provide lessons. It may even be something you have to do as part of a language […]

How (not) To Market Your English School

I’ve recently moved to Krakow and so I’m aquatinting myself with all the competition in this new town. It’s something I seem to do every year, but I certainly pay more attention when I move to a new city or country. Many of the factors I’ve spotted, which schools like to sell themselves on, will […]

Is teaching English as a foreign Language right for me?

There are many reasons people get into teaching English abroad ranging from wanting a years break from “life” to wanting to start a long term professional career and everything in between (including extra part time work). As such there is a good chance that teaching English abroad is for you. (That’s the short version) However, it certainly isn’t […]

Confessions of a Dyslexic English as a foreign language Teacher

As you can probably guess from the title this is going to be a very personal post and I hope you’ll bear with that. This week has been an amazing week. Truly, incredible. It started last Monday with saying good bye to my mum at the airport as she left for England taking the first batch […]

Keep Your Goals To Yourself [Lesson Plan]

As it is the start of the year, I wanted to create a lesson that took a look at the common theme of New Year’s resolutions but with a bit of a twist to provoke more discussion. As such I choose the short Derek Sivers’s (founder of CD baby) TED talk “Keep your goals to […]

Using Wikis for process writings

It is strange how things can come together all at once sometimes. A few weeks back I saw a link to an article on using wiki’s for process writings. Although I was very interested (due to my limited experience with process writings and interest in using technology in meaningful ways,) I couldn’t read the article…so […]


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