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#30goals: goal 4 reveal their strengths

I really like this goal as I am a big fan of encouraging people and helping them to see what they are doing well.

Luckily, this week I was doing a peer observation as part of my professional development plan for my school and so got to have a feedback session where I could encourage the teacher.

The best part was that the thing I encouraged him on:

  • His ability to adapt;
  • His classroom management,
  • His willingness to go off lesson plan yet stay relevant and then bring it naturally back to the task

Were all things that he had been worrying about!

I also had the opportunity to observe another teacher a week later and as such was looking forward to finding some aspects to encourage him on. The lesson was really great to observe and as he had a teenagers group it was really useful to see him struggling and dealing with the same issues as I did.

  • After the lesson I thanked him as it was the most interesting lesson I have attended in a long time!
  • I confessed to struggling with the same issues and how he seamed to deal with the issues.
  • How he didn’t let problems like late attendance side track him.

What happened afterwards was on a subsequent day he opened up more about his personal life. It was a real honour considering we hadn’t been the closest within the teachers room (not that we didn’t get a long just everything was very normal) and since then the staffroom has been an even better place 🙂


Since then I had a moment of overhearing a teacher in the next door classroom (the only one who I hadn’t observed). It was with a group I knew he had trouble with (Kids 6) and he was teaching them 1st conditionals!!!! His explanation sounds really great, really clear and the kids were all really involved. After his class I told him it sounded great. He thanked me as he had been really worried about that group of kids.

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