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3 Tools to Help Keep Track of DELTA References

One of the tips I came across in “How to Pass the DELTA” when preparing for DELTA module two is to make note of and keep track of references as you prepare for your assignments. This was something that I found true when I attempted the DELTA module three as well. As such, I thought I’d share a couple of tools and tricks I’ve used to help me keep track of references and make sure that I input the correct reference. So here are three tools to help keep track of DELTA references.


I still use Evernote and treat it as my external brain. I’ve written a blog post on how I use Evernote in my general teaching practice but when it comes to the DELTA I do things a bit differently. I have a separate set of nested notebooks for the DELTA. they start with DELTA at the top level, then the modules. within each module I use tags to link the content to relevant topics (grammar, paper 1, tasks 4 etc). I also keep short notes with the correct reference to use for different book references.
Below this bibliography reference, I chuck in interesting or relevant quotes that I find. It might be better to break the quotes out individually and then include a references for each one (with relevant tags for searching) but I didn’t do that in the past. Maybe I will this time.


I wrote my first attempt at module 3 in scrivener. This was due to its ability to let you divide up a larger document into smaller parts and also keep relevant research notes with each part. This helped me keep track of what sections were over the word limit and refine the sections I needed. I also kept a bibliography here which I updated as I went along.
The only issue with scrivener was when exporting to word, it sometimes caused issues for the tutor to open. I blame Microsoft for being stupid here and using a system which hates being compatible. In the end it worked fine but I don’t think it helped my relationship with my tutor.
I still plan on using scrivener for module two (and three) as it has got even better, I can sync it with my iPad and it makes organizing notes easy.


Textexpander is my secret weapon. It’s a Mac, iOS and windows app that lets you type and abbreviation and it will expand into full text. these also sync between devices. I keep a series of references in textexpander and then I only have to type the name of the author or a short version of the title and I get the full reference. Saving lots of time 🙂
They have recently moved to a subscription system but I’m still using the old version which was a one time cost.

Do you know any good tools?

How do you keep track of references? Do you know any other good tools?

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  1. For me, Google Keep and Google Drive are great, but I’m an Android user. Tried Zotero – don’t!

    1. Google things are definitely better on google things. I tried keep when it first came out but never tried it again. I’ve heard there is some good searching built in now which sounds good. Plus the price is hard to argue with!

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